Mark Strand on Being in Creative Flow


“[When] you’re right in the work, you lose your sense of time…

You’re completely enraptured,
You’re completely caught up in what you’re doing, and you’re sort of swayed by the possibilities you see in this work.

If that becomes too powerful,

then you get up, because the excitement is too great.

You can’t continue to work or continue to see the end of the work because you’re jumping ahead of yourself all the time.
The idea is to be so…

so saturated with it that there’s no future or past,

it’s just an extended present in which you’re, uh,

making meaning.

And dismantling meaning…

And remaking it.

Without undue regard for the words you’re using.

It’s meaning carried to a high order.

It’s not just essential communication, daily communication;

it’s a total communication.

When you’re working on something and you’re working well,

you have the feeling that there’s

no other way of saying what you’re saying.”

— Mark Strand

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