Wisdom, Wellness and Writing for Conscious Creatives

Inspire Portal is about finding inspiration and offering it through creative and healing practices to nurture your entire being and unleash your innate creativity. With wisdom, wellness, and writing in mind, there is a longer post every month, and shorter posts in the interim, with an inspiring poem, a little music, a quote or literary excerpt to keep your creative juices flowing.

Liberally-laced with an ever-increasing plethora of tools, and wisdom both timeworn and new, these techniques enable you to be more creative, inspired and present, in your writing, art, and life.

Being creative in every sense is far more attainable when you nurture your inner being and care for your inner landscape. By clearing away the blocks that fragment or stifle your expression, whether they come from an imbalance in body, mind or soul, you can achieve the creative results you long for with equanimity and ease.

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The Island is a Place to Inspire Your Creativity and Your Life through Nurturing Your Inner Being

Fusing a deep love of writing and creative expression with healing practices and the wisdom of this world, Inspire Portal has been created to empower and inspire writers, authors, storytellers, artists and anyone who wishes to enhance their creativity through re-balancing their being, and in turn lead more authentic, consciously creative lives.

Distilling a blend of ancient teachings with the most recent scientific discoveries, the island is a place to motivate and liberate you and your creativity, while nurturing your inner being and essential nature.

In order to flourish creatively, learning technique is beneficial to your craft but if you neglect to nurture yourself, nurturing your creativity and completing your projects can be far more challenging. As writers and artists, we have to care for our work but to truly thrive creatively, we must alter our inner conditions and care for our body, mind, soul and spirit too.

Inspire Portal is a place to inspire your work and world, awakening you to who you really are, behind the protective layers and masks that hide your glorious, innate being. Gently [and lovingly] guiding your own immaculate evolution, encouraging you to be living and loving life anyway, regardless of external circumstances, authentically and on purpose with purpose.

The Island features excerpts and quotes from authors, artists, poets, image makers and takers, vagabonds, thinkers, dreamers to inspire your creativity and life.

The Boat

The Beach is a Place to Empower Yourself with Tools to Create and Live Well

The Boat

The Boat is a Place to Liberate Your Creativity

The Temple

The Temple is a Place to Find Stillness, Awaken to Each Moment, Evolve and Soothe Your Soul

The Juice Bar

The Juice Bar is a Place to Nourish Your Body and Optimise Your System

The Forest

The Forest is a place to Act, Protect, and Explore Nature and Our Beautiful Earth

In each moment you are evolving and moving closer or further from the person you are and want to be. Reclaim the power to control your own evolution, optimise your system, change your inner structure, and in doing so find yourself living a much happier, easier and more inspired, creative life.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters to what lies within us.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

DISCLAIMER: While the author of the site has sampled the healing tools and techniques herein extensively enough to warrant sharing them with you, the advice is not designed to take the place of medical professionals. Information here is to be used as a guide only. I am not a medical professional. It is however, perfect for edifying and enlightening conscious creatives, writers, artists and other creative souls.