George Saunders’ Short Animated Documentary on the Art of Storytelling

“A good story is one that says, at many different levels, ‘we’re both human beings, we’re in this crazy situation called life, that we don’t really understand. Can we put our heads together and confer about it a little bit at a very high, non-bullshitty level?’ Then, all kinds of magic can happen.” ~ George Saunders

Sharing this humble but exquisite offering from George Saunders after a grand absence as been in an equally grand illness/setback. All is taking far longer ever since CRPS half-inched my hands. I say half-inched, perhaps gave to the goddess Pele herself to look after is more accurate but trying again, relearning all again, and hopefully rising again soon too.

Free to share the love. ♥

Namaste ♥