How Tai Chi Can Improve Your Writing

Mobilizing and maintaining energy plays a vital part in a writer’s success. The process of writing takes tremendous concentration and perseverance. I have found that Tai Chi exercises can enhance my energy while inducing a pleasant state of relaxation, and help me develop my ability to let my thoughts flow naturally.

Relaxation means slowing down the mind so that what the Chinese call qi (loosely translated as “energy”) can move smoothly throughout the body. The writing process flows through physical, emotional, and cognitive phases. Tai Chi movements can help me slow down/quiet my mind, relax into the process, and dissolve psychological blockages, including writer’s block.

A writer often sits long hours without moving. When I need a break from writing, I often do 10 minutes of simple Tai Chi exercises. This gets me up and moving after hours of sitting. The energy I gain from Tai Chi’s graceful movements not only can help focus my mind but also can energize my writing.

Tai Chi may be one of the keys to allow a writer to unlock creative consciousness. During Tai Chi practice, you are in a state of mind that allows creativity to flow naturally. Many writers say they feel more mental clarity after practicing Tai Chi. If you can reduce your tension and nervousness, you may be able to experience deeper thoughts and better tap into your creativity.

chinese do taichi outsideHow to Use Tai Chi to Become Creative

The creativity that derives from Tai Chi leads to integration of complementary things – left brain (logic) and right brain (intuition), form and function, and body and mind. It’s not surprising that many people who practice Tai Chi are also involved in the creative arts. And many creative arts programs draw from the East. Letting go and letting things happen naturally underlies any form of creativity.

Many of the principles of Tai Chi can enhance your writing, including development of focus; staying in the moment; concentration of energy; economy of movement; inner stillness; development of a flexible, balanced body; unification of mind and body; and appreciation and development of discipline.

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