Find Instant Calm and Fresh Inspiration With This Beneficial Acupressure Sequence

Use this simple acupressure sequence to create instant calm and simultaneous a wake-up of inspiration. Combining these points creates clarity of mind, increased insight and focus and is also very nurturing and peaceful, stilling any internal chatter and allowing you to create unfettered by doubts or worries about anything beyond this present moment. All of which make this an ideal on-the-spot technique for writers and artists.

If you are feeling stressed-out, confused or overwhelmed this sequence swiftly delivers you to a place of stillness, refreshing your spirit and quieting your thoughts. In turn bringing you back to the present wherein you are free to continue your day and create, renewed and rejuvenated.

It can also be used when you finish your writing and creative work to allow you to make the transition from working to relaxing at the end of your day, which is especially useful if you freelance or write and create from home.

Acu for writers

How to do this Calming Acupressure Sequence:

  • Be aware of your breath, inhaling and exhaling slowly and evenly.
  • Place the right hand on the Hundred Meeting Point GV 20, which is on the top of your head (see image)
  • Now place your left hand at the Third Eye Point or GV 24.5, holding GV 20 with GV 24.5 together.
  • Close your eyes in stillness and breathe deeply for one to two minutes.
  • Keeping your right hand on GV 20 move your left hand to the Sea of Tranquillity CV 17, which is located at the centre of the breastbone (see image).
  • Continue to breathe deeply as if you are breathing directly into the Sea of Tranquillity point, as if it is an aperture through which you breathe. This has a tremendously calming effect.
  • Stay in this serene stillness for one to two minutes.
  • Open your eyes and enjoy renewed tranquillity and calm.



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