2 Minutes of Stillness | Meditation

Young Woman Doing Yoga In A Forest Near Waterfall

Just a couple of minutes of soothing visualisation can calm you in body and mind, silencing your internal chatter, reduce creative anxiety, and refresh your passion and inspiration too. As our inner voice can be so easily drowned out by our busy world, it makes it all the more essential — for you, and your creativity — to find stillness and connect to your inner being.

Allow stillness to descend by taking a few deep breaths

Exhaling all tension with every out-breath, inhaling calm with each in-breath
Mentally attend to every part of your body, relaxing everything from tip to toe

Let your thoughts to drift like clouds in a grand blue sky

the sun breaking through a cluster of clouds a sun flare on a s

Do not attach yourself to them, simply let them pass by

Let go of any physical stiffness
Let go of all beyond this moment

Simply allow the moment to support you

Just as the earth is supporting you

Let your body relax as it rests gently on the earth.

Keep breathing smoothly, gently, like a child.

Now imagine yourself…

standing under a tropical waterfall

As the water flows over your entire being —

it cleanses you, rejuvenates you,

…visualise it as vividly as you can

See the droplets of water carrying away all your tension…

Let all negative or less-than nourishing thoughts and feelings wash away

and sink deep into the earth

and let them all flow out and away from you

leaving you liberated

and free to create and enjoy your day.

woman meditating doing yoga between beautiful waterfalls


Meditation has profound effects on your creativity. For more meditations, Try the Hunsani Meditation before you sleep or this simple Five-Minute Meditation for Beginners. You may also enjoy: 7 Reasons to Meditate if You Write or Make Art.

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