Enhance Your Curiosity, Creativity and Concentration with This Useful Acupressure Point

This potent acupressure point can instantly enhance your creativity, concentration and bring fresh insight to your writing and creative work, while inducing a serene state of calm. It’s an especially useful point for writers and artists, as it’s beneficial for so many aspects of the creative process.

While for those who find meditation tricky, using acupressure points, can create the shift necessary to stop, be still, allowing you to relocate your centre as you close your eyes for two minutes of calm.

With the sun at its zenith, today is the most ‘yang’ point of the year, while this acupressure point is the most yang point in the body. Governing Vessel 20 (GV 20), otherwise known as Bai Hui or the point of a hundred meetings can offer instant clarity and calm, along with many other benefits that naturally enhance your creativity.

GV 20 is located on the top of the head, see the acupressure point above [yoga asana optional].

Shift of Perspective and Fresh Inspiration

Whether you are irritated and overwhelmed or uninspired and in need of motivation, perhaps more than any other acupressure point, GV 20 or Bai Hui, inspires your creativity. Pressing this point brings about a shift of perspective, which can be especially useful if you are stuck while plotting a story or creatively blocked. It refreshes your thinking while offering new insight.


If you find your focus flagging, this acupressure point will help you concentrate. GV 20 stimulates clear thought and heightens awareness and concentration, allowing you to focus more easily on your creative work. It can also be tapped or pressed (see below) before you begin writing or anything you need to work on.

Curiosity and Creativity

Because GV 20 awakens your innate curiosity, it’s also a wonderful point to use before brainstorming for inspiration. You will find a peacefulness descends after pressing this point, a tranquillity that is as awakening as it is calming. It’s also used for headache, dizziness, eye pain, irritability, hypertension (from excess yang in the upper body), and is wonderful for awakening your creativity.

How to Locate GV 20:

GV 20 is located on the top of the head. If you place a finger at the top of each ear and join them in an imaginary line upward, Governing Vessel 20 is located where your two fingers meet (see the acupressure point on picture) (yoga asana optional).

  • Be aware of your breath, inhaling and exhaling slowly and evenly.
  • Place the middle finger on the Hundred Meeting Point GV 20, which is on the top of your head (see image) and press with enough pressure to offer a comfortable ache. You may feel a gentle pulse.
  • Close your eyes in stillness and breathe deeply for one to two minutes.
  • Open your eyes (muy importante) and enjoy your renewed creativity, focus, and inspiration.

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