Julia Cameron on Art Being an Act of the Soul

Surreal portrait of a woman with a flower instead of a face

Art is an act of the soul, not the intellect. When we are dealing with people’s dreams – their visions, really – we are in the realm of the sacred. We are involved with forces and energies larger than our own. We are engaged in a sacred transaction of which we know only a little: the shadow, not the shape. 
In our human lives, we are often impatient, ill-tempered, inappropriate. We find it difficult to treat our intimates with the love we really hold for them. Despite this, they bear with us because of the larger, higher level of family that they honor even in our outbursts. This is their commitment. 
As artists, we belong to an ancient and holy tribe. We are the carriers of the truth that spirit moves through us all. When we deal with one another, we are dealing not merely with our own human personalities but also with the unseen but ever-present throng of ideas, visions, stories, poems, songs, sculptures, art-as-facts that crowd the temple of consciousness waiting their turn to be born.” ~ Julia Cameron



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    Beautifully conveyed. Thank you for sharing. It is exactly the sacred sense of this calling that keeps us spending great portions of our lives in the creative process. It feels all-important at times (and crazy and overwhelming at others 🙂

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      You’re welcome Pia, so pleased this resonated for you too. It’s a beautiful piece, echoing what so many of us who are so utterly enamoured by creativity and creative expression feel, that those blissfully grand portions of our lives are meant to be dedicated to it, and the sharing of it too. It’s such a powerful and joyful gift. I loved reading your comment, thank you.:D


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