Inspire | Alice in Waterland by Elena Kalis

These images are part of a stunningly beautiful photoshoot by Russian-born artist, Elena Kalis, who specializes in underwater photography.

What if Alice, after falling and falling inside the Rabbit hole, ended straight to the ocean? And what if the ocean surrounded a small island in the Bahamas? Although it may seem confusing, Elena Kalis imagined an underwater version of the classic Alice in Wonderland tale, only that this time it’s Alice in… Waterland.

Kalis is a visual artist that was born in Russia and is specialized in underwater photography. She has been living for the last ten years in the Bahamas and for the new version of the story she chose her daughter as the perfect model. The results are some really fascinating photos that not only transmit all the surrealism and imagination of the original story, but take it a step forward.

Between a mermaid and a survivor of a shipwreck, caught between fantasy and reality, the new Alice looks more beautiful than ever. Yatzer invites you to dive with us in a hidden world and read all the details that Elena Kalis revealed in the interview at the end of the piece.


Find more of Elena’s work here: Conceptual and Fashion Underwater Photography and read the interview with Elena here:  Alice in Waterland by Elena Kalis.


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