Barefoot Doctor’s Healing Sequence for Attaining the Transcendent State of the Taoist Sage

Delighted to welcome Barefoot Doctor onto Inspire Portal. Barefoot’s healing sequence for attaining awareness, calm and the transcendent state of the Taoist sage can be used when needing to rebalance, ground and calm yourself. It’s ideal before a writing session or creating your art as your body will feel loose and with it, your creativity loosened too.

This site is about fusing and healing your entire being in one delicious whole, to enhance and liberate your creativity. The Taoist healing arts can bring a grounding, balancing presence to both practice and prose.

Though this technique is of Barefoot’s own wayward Taoist blend, Taoism and the exquisite healing arts, from inner alchemy to t’ai chi, can lend much to your life and creative expression. It’s tricky to encapsulate the wealth and riches found therein with such a gentle, playful and blissfully effective system.

Here’s Barefoot’s healing sequence for attaining awareness and the transcendent state of the Taoist sage. Try it before you start writing or making your art to rebalance, ground your being, calm your centre and wake up your creativity in a new-found, joyful flow.

Kung Fu Or Tai Chi

Instead of striving to resolve things externally, focus on making slight but effective adjustments to the hub of the inner mechanism and the circumference (the externals) will adjust itself.

Slow down your breathing as this slows down and calms the mind.

Soften your muscles – stop gripping – softening the muscles and breathing slowly and evenly is what relaxation means.

Drop back and down inside – sit in your back not your front, and sink your weight, don’t force it to remain unnaturally high up in the upper body.

Imagine yourself as the king or queen of no-matter-what, sitting back in the throne, taking full advantage of the back of the throne to support you, and let your weight be absorbed by the seat of the throne.

Picture your shoulder-blades, front of spine and rear pelvic bones comprising the back of the throne and your sit-bones comprising the seat of the throne. Slide your mind into the back of the skull and let it rest there.

Note that all the familiar noise associated with the front of the body and brain has instantaneously ceased and you’re now feeling perfectly quiet within and in command.

From back here open your heart – visualize the two halves of the breastplate opening like a pair of sliding doors to reveal the precious jewel of your innermost sweet and glorious self and let it radiate.

Do this sequence every day as you work, rest and play, and before you know it you’ll have attained to the enlightened, transcendent state of the Taoist sage in a jiffy.

Barefoot Doctor is a master of the Taoist martial arts – tai chi, xing yi, pa kua and white crane and a doctor of Chinese medicine. An avid student of philosophy, spirituality and human potential. He studied psychotherapy with RD Laing and shamanism with the native American Indians of Taos, New Mexico. He now travels the world running workshops and retreats, doing talks, making music and teaching the Taoist way through his School for Warriors and Liberation training courses.

Find out more about Barefoot Doctor and his work here: Barefoot Doctor Global



  1. Jake Lass says

    Yes, I believe until we resolve our problems from within, then we will be free outside. When we are free in our minds, we are free outside.


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