Sharon Saltzberg on Connection, Compassion and Loving Kindness


“As we go about our ordinary day it’s easy to overlook how vulnerable we all are to change. In some ways I think our society is built around the notion that if we accumulate enough, or get that one, special experience, relationship or object, it will serve as a totem against change. It’s a powerful […]


15 Liberating Ways to Live an Inspired Life [Part 1]

a boy jumping of an old train trestle bridge into a river done

As I gazed into the flickering flame of a candle in the quiet hours of this morning, taken by its exquisite simplicity, I felt a shift. Something palpable and altered, finding myself free, liberated in spirit because of a simple moment with the moment. I came to think about this and the hidden beauty and poetry in all the […]


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The microphone screeched for the third time then the lights went out completely. In a confusing combination of elation and fear, Brighton’s famous theatre was plunged backwards through time, pausing only after reaching the Chinese year of the Water Snake, way back in 1893. The auditorium was dark, it’s guests barely visible behind the stage […]